Since starting up at the end of 2019 Matero have begun to build a reputation for delivering a range of transformation delivery services with our unique MECCAR change method.

Business Transformation – Organisational change and project management

Supporting organisations to deliver change within their companies and with specific projects, our unique MECCAR methodology provides clarity of purpose where there may be ambiguity and complexity, to empower teams to deliver against clear measurable objectives by equipping them with a framework of skills and tools to execute at pace, precision and in a new way of working, which is resilience to changing circumstances, breaks rigid project scope mentality and removes blockages.

MECCAR has proved its mettle across diverse projects from improving product delivery and services to accelerating team productivity and better risk management, unlocking blockages and reducing costs.

New Ways of Team Working and Leadership – Organisational culture and improving team performance

Matero’s MECCAR approach has been particularly effective in helping teams and leaders in adapting to new ways of working in highly distributed operating environments. Ingraining clear mission purpose at every level, leaders and teams have gained a far greater understanding of their role and their ability to deliver it within a framework that upskills and empowers them with appropriate tools and processes, which have improved productivity, accountability, resilience, well-being and reinforced culture by underpinning the right behaviour with codified practices and timely passage of critical information up and down the chain.

Risk, Resilience Control – Team integration and management framework

MECCAR and the agile decision-making process at its core, has helped our clients in identifying and mitigating risk to drive operational resilience though the establishment of clear accountabilities aligned to risk management approaches and practices, which are underpinned by codified leadership and decision-making tools to enable appropriate and bold action within clear boundaries of conduct and culture. This has often been achieved against the background of bringing different teams together to operate as one combined team, with one mission and common operating procedures.

Leadership and Executive Decision-making support – translating senior intent into execution delivery

Matero has used its MECCAR method and framework to support executives and their teams translate strategic intent into implementation, with a focus on clear purpose, effective 360 communications to breed timely passage of important information. Collaborative methods are adapted and embedded to ensure diverse and dependent stakeholders can operate collegiately across silos to get things done at pace and precision to achieve ambitious milestones and meet KPIs.

Helping Organisations Scale Optimally – supporting growth and integration

With a focus on integration of new businesses and scaling startups, MECCAR has proved effective in codifying what makes a company great, in terms of its passion, energy and culture, but ensuring that these attributed can be optimised and sustained in an organisation where complexity increases with growth. This work service focuses on expanding teams and functions, or integrating the merger of new businesses, where culture and best practice needs to run as common themes through a growing or amalgamating organisation.

Engagement Model - No cost diagnostic

Before engaging in project work, Matero runs a full diagnostic estimate of a client issue. This ensures that our methodology fits and can be specifically tailored to a potential client’s circumstances. It also ensures that there are clear project deliverables agreed in advance and a client has confidence Matero can deliver before they are charged.

Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency