Services and Differentiators

Change Management and Transformation

Using the differentiator of MECCAR, we offer fresh thinking and a more effective approach to delivering projects, such as:


Supporting clients to manage the impact of change on their people, processes and technology and culture through the application of MECCAR.

Managed Separation

Helping our clients to deliver effective separation of legal entities and operations based on MECCAR method.

Cost Optimisation

Applying MECCAR and process expertise to identify and remove cost and operational inefficiency.

Risk, Resilience and Control

Supporting our clients in identifying and mitigating risk to drive greater operational resilience by levering the leadership and organisational culture framework embedded in MECCAR.

Innovative Resource Solutions

A new approach for providing flexible contingent resources and talent outplacement through the effective career management of our people and cognisant of our clients’ demands for talent.

Support to critical executive decision-making

Assisting senior critical decision-makers to resolve complex issues, through a process which is auditable and resilient within the Senior Managers Regime, as well as gearing executive intent to help their teams execute and get things done.

Helping startups scale

Using MECCAR to provide structure to capture the innovative energy of startups to help them scale at pace through the adoption of agile processes and practices as the complexity of their business grows.

Engagement and delivery models:

Matero works with its clients to understand their challenges, issues and objectives to see how MECCAR can be adapted and applied to best suit their needs.  We then partner with our clients to help them deliver solutions.  

No cost diagnostic estimate – we invest our own resources to spend time with a potential client to assess MECCAR against a project requirement or issue to determine how it best fits and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the client.

Fee structures – Matero are experienced in structuring contingent-fee arrangements to ensure that all parties are incentivised to deliver.

Matero Consultants – all Matero consultants are trained in the MECCAR approach, while also possessing industry experience in more traditional project management skills, such as PRINCE2, Lean and Agile.

Blended Teams – Matero will partner with client teams to provide solutions through collaboration.  

Interim Support – when Matero clients have specific short to medium-term resource demands for talented individuals, we can provide deployable individuals to support a specific customer need.

Talent Outplacement – all our people are imbued with the Matero MECCAR way and values of Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency.  

In addition, every employee has an actively managed career progression profile from the moment they join Matero, which harnesses opportunities to export talent where it matches the interests of the individual, client and company. 

Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency