Episode #281 – Inspiring Leadership with Jonathan Bowman-Perks Podcast

September 28, 2023 Dan McDonough

“Have a critical-thinking, decision-making framework” says Colonel Stuart Tootal.   Matero founding Partner, Stuart Tootal, spoke with Jonathan Bowman-Perks on his Inspiring Leadership podcast series this week. Stuart speaks about his military career and commercial experiences through the lens of leadership in high-pressured environments. Stuart and Jonathan cover decision making, including Matero’s MECCAR framework, empowerment, […]

Mind the Gap – Opening the doors on life after the military

June 29, 2023 Dan McDonough

In this digital age, there is a wealth of advice on how to transition out of the army into a civilian career; the challenge is finding the right path that works for you. Matero’s internship for those leaving the military has provided me with a unique pathway by exposing me to an array of different […]

How to be a good leader in banks and financial services firms

June 21, 2023 Dan McDonough

In this special podcast for LIBFs Centre for Digital Banking & Finance, Stuart Tootal DSO MBE, a founder of Matero Consulting and a former colonel in the British Army, and Jeremy Takle, the founder and CEO of Pennyworth – and a former marine in the Danish armed forces – talk to Ouida Taaffe about how […]

Centrica Ex-Forces Pathway

June 21, 2023 Dan McDonough

Partnering with Centrica, Matero designed, built and helped operate the Centrica Ex-Forces Pathway. Setting a target of hiring 100 ex-service personnel in 12 months, Matero recruited 141 for Centrica while reducing hiring costs by circa £1m. More information can be found on the Centrica website: Out of camouflage and in to green: Centrica aims to […]

Our Latest Blog with Wavelength Connect

April 25, 2023 Dan McDonough

“Potential calamity also offers opportunity. In crisis mode, companies often gain a greater sense of mission purpose, leaders lead, colleagues often feel more empowered, and a more proactive, responsive, and resilient organisational culture pervades.” Read our latest blog from Stuart Tootal DSO OBE, who led the first UK battle group into Afghanistan. He has worked with many […]

Empowerment Through Decision-making – The Essence of a Purpose, Leadership, and Culture Mindset

November 17, 2022 Dan McDonough

Decision-making drives purpose, leadership, and culture. Leaders make decisions. Engagement in decision-making aligns people to the purpose of strategy. Culture is about actions and behaviours, with the strength of organisational ethos resting on the decisions that sit behind the deeds of its employees. In an era of perennial crisis, with the impacts of the Pandemic […]

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