Covid-19 Returning to the Office – Not Just Where You Work, But How You Work

September 20, 2021 Stuart Tootal

The start of the pandemic saw many businesses congratulating themselves on the pivotal achievement of relocating the majority of their office-based staff to home working.  However, eighteen months on, the realities of getting employees back into the office is proving to be more challenging than locking down. Divergent camps have materialised between bosses; some of […]

Matero Consulting – Celebrating Armed Forces Day

June 24, 2021 Stuart Tootal

On Saturday 26th June, the nation will be celebrating Armed Forces Day.  Like many other events, continued Covid 19 restrictions are likely to make it a more subdued affair compared to previous years.  However, despite the perennial nature of the virus it is no less important this year.  Over the last decade, businesses have increasingly […]

Ex-Military Women in Business – An Under-leveraged Talent Cohort

May 6, 2021 Stuart Tootal

Individuals that have served in the armed forces offer a rich stream of talent to employers. Service leavers are purpose driven, empowered leaders and team players.  They are resilient, comfortable with ambiguity, adept at complex problem solving and have strong value sets based on accountability.  Women constitute 11% of personnel serving in the UK’s armed […]

Matero Transition Network Event 29 April 2021: Ex-Military Women in the Corporate World

April 1, 2021 Dan McDonough

Started in 2019 by Stuart Tootal and Dan McDonough, Matero Consulting has designed a proven ‘new ways of working’ methodology called MECCAR, which leverages military experience of purpose, empowerment, agile decision-making, and leadership for the benefit of business change agendas.  Using a framework adapted from combat and applied to commerce, MECCAR empowers teams with purpose based […]

Covid-19 – Critically Thinking the Next Step Differently

March 19, 2021 Stuart Tootal

Business leaders were once celebrating the pace at which they had pivoted to remote working. One said, several thousand people working in an office was a ‘thing of the past.’  A year on, the novelty of dispersing for survival and high hopes of increased productivity have been replaced by Zoom fatigue, domestic frictions, in-person connectivity […]

Running a big integration programme? Easy as A, B, C….

March 11, 2021 Dan McDonough

Having recently supported a key pillar of the integration between the London Stock Exchange and Refinitiv, which completed just over a month ago, we reflect on some of the critical aspects that made the programme a success.  Clearly integration activity does not finish on the day that the deal closes and there will doubtless be […]

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