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Leading People in Turbulent Transition

June 9, 2020 Dan McDonough

Businesses are emerging from lockdown into an uncertain future; corporate and market turmoil continues, previous operating models are becoming increasingly less relevant, companies fight to turn around their prospects and large-scale unemployment looms.  Through it all, Covid 19 remains an unpredictable continuum.  The potential for resurgence, the success of tracking the infection, and the development […]

Heropreneurs Webinar – ‘Mission Purposing Start-Ups Through and Beyond COVID-19’

May 13, 2020 Dan McDonough

Thank you to HEROPRENEURS for hosting an excellent Webinar last week for their start-up community. Stuart Tootal spoke on ‘Mission Purposing Start-Ups Through and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis.’  Using his time commanding the first UK Battlegroup in Afghanistan in 2006 (3 PARA) as a reference, he explains how in situations where pressure and stakes are […]

Action in Uncertainty

May 11, 2020 Dan McDonough

Problem-solving in complex and high-pressure situations is routine business in the Army. The Estimate, a logical and agile decision-making formula, is used to enable effective action in uncertainty. The lack of similar codified processes in the commercial world is surprising; especially in the advent of COVID-19. Having used the process in deciding to leave the […]

Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis – Agile and Auditable Decision Making

April 30, 2020 Dan McDonough

Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis – Thought Bite on Agile Decision-Making ‘An auditable methodology – generating pace, precision, appropriate responses to rapidly evolving situations; getting ahead of the competition and withstanding scrutiny.’ Deciding where the balance of risk lies between the nation’s health and wealth is a big call. Bound in the […]

Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis – Communication and Collaboration

April 23, 2020 Dan McDonough

‘Communicating with clarity – formatted to facilitate understanding and extrapolation of tasks and Collaborating in a structured manner across silos. As in war, communication dominates strategy in a crisis; especially as business leaders plan for what life will look like for their companies as, and when, lockdown eases.  Big changes will be needed to rethink […]

Matero employee deploying military and commercial skillsets with the Army Reserves to assist in dealing with Covid-19

April 21, 2020 Dan McDonough

As part of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the British Army have been supporting civil authorities with the planning and logistical elements of the nationwide response. As a recent service leaver and having just joined Matero Consulting, I have found myself mobilised back into uniform as part of OPERATION RESCRIPT, the name given to the British […]

Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis – Empowerment

April 16, 2020 Dan McDonough

‘Establishing Clear Mission Purpose Alignment – with unifying intent and Empowering Teams within strategic intent.  (see full article) Barely a month on, the advent of Covid-19 continues to draw parallels with a battlefield.  Business assumptions, which were valid just five weeks ago have collapsed and most companies’ short-to-medium and long-term plans lie in tatters.  Workforces […]

Podcast with Stuart Tootal – What Business needs to do to Successfully Respond to Covid-19

April 16, 2020 Dan McDonough

Seumas Kerr CBE, Managing Director of The D Group, and Stuart Tootal, a founding Partner at Matero Consulting and a former Commanding Officer in the British Army, discuss how business can respond to the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis, including how leaders can adjust to the dispersal of their workforce, the feasibility of implementing necessary […]

Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis – Thought Bite on Culture

April 7, 2020 Dan McDonough

‘Repurposing Culture Beyond Word Statements – through codified behaviours integrated in a leadership and management culture that rewards bold initiatives and the right conduct, while mitigating risk.’ This was the sixth thing companies needed to focus on in order to prevail through and beyond the Coronavirus crisis. We are addressing it in greater detail first, […]

Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis 

March 25, 2020 Dan McDonough

Covid-19 is a peacetime issue requiring a military grade type of response to bring structure and order to a chaotic and stressful long-term situation  Stuart Tootal led the first UK battle group into southern Afghanistan in 2006, before spending a decade in several global leadership positions at Barclays.  He has worked with over fifty FTSE250 […]

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