Empowered Purpose – A Precondition for Agility in an Age of Uncertainty

February 17, 2021 Stuart Tootal

The current and future workspace.   The determination of business leaders to navigate their firms through and beyond the Covid-19 is not in doubt.  However, even if they are veterans of change, integration of people, systems, and processes, along with cost reduction and regulatory attention now needs to be executed in the midst of an enduring […]

The Military Transition Network

January 29, 2021 Dan McDonough

Personnel leaving the military have a great range of innate skills and value sets, which have the potential to add real value to a civilian employer. Leadership, complex problem solving, accountability, the ability to get things done and an ingrained ‘can do’ team attitude all provide real benefits to any business. However, one of the […]

Decision-Making – The Essence of Empowerment

January 25, 2021 Stuart Tootal

Fifty years ago, the decisions of a very different president, regarding very different events in Washington were scrutinised for very different reasons.  In 1971, Graham Allison published ‘The Essence of Decision’. Analysing the decisions taken by Kennedy’s administration during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Allison’s book contended that rational intentions to act against the Soviets, […]

Transferring Military Leadership Experience into the Commercial World – The Matero Consulting Internship

January 25, 2021 Dan McDonough

As I approached the culmination of six years in the British Army, I knew that I wanted to use my resettlement time to increase my commercial awareness and support my personal development. Initially the number of prospective courses, industries and roles felt daunting. What did I want to do? What qualifications would I need? What […]

From Turbulent Beginning to a Positive Outlook

January 25, 2021 Dan McDonough

2020 could have been a difficult first year for a start-up consultancy as well as a challenging year to transition from the military. However, a bias for action, broad skill set,  collaborative culture, and incredibly strong team ethos has meant that Matero has delivered on its first-year goals and more. Being part of this has […]

Leading People in Turbulent Transition

June 9, 2020 Stuart Tootal

Businesses are emerging from lockdown into an uncertain future; corporate and market turmoil continues, previous operating models are becoming increasingly less relevant, companies fight to turn around their prospects and large-scale unemployment looms.  Through it all, Covid 19 remains an unpredictable continuum.  The potential for resurgence, the success of tracking the infection, and the development […]

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