Business can be much like war, never more so in times of uncertainty

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A combat to commercial approach to generating mission purpose, delivering change and achieving scale and pace in a disruptive world.


Fusing corporate and consultancy business acumen with the military pedigree for auditable decision making and planning – to resolve complex challenges through agile execution in a volatile environment where empowerment, pace and the ability to pivot and innovate are essential.

Our Services


Drawing from a military background and based on a depth of commercial experience, which has been combined with behavioural science and extensive research, Matero Consulting was set up in 2019 to fuse the partners’ corporate and consultancy experience with the military pedigree for decision making, planning and empowered mission focused execution to help clients drive their change agendas.  

Called MECCAR, Matero has developed a blended methodology backed by principles and tools to deliver agile, collaborative, mission focused execution in a disruptive environment where decentralised authority, tempo and innovation are essential for clients who want to think differently, move at pace and achieve effective change, to get ahead of the competition and thrive in uncertainty

No plan survives first contact with realities.  MECCAR works in an exponentially changing and uncertain business environment: the dizzying pace of tech change, growing disruption by non-traditional actors and increasing regulatory pressures, media and conduct scrutiny are the same factors that the military have taught their units and people to deal with.

Services and Differentiators

How Matero is different

  • We have a diversely talented team of consultants, each with minimum of 7 years change experience
  • We do not apply template solutions to complex problems
  • We offer a full no-cost diagnostic assessment to test how MECCAR fits the organisation
  • We provide end-to-end partner leadership on every engagement
  • We are high-value and competitively pricing compared with our competitors

More effective change method:

  • – Change and transformation
  • – Managed separation
  • – Team integration
  • – Cost-optimisation
  • – Risk and operational resilience

Auditable executive decision-making support

  • – Precision with pace
  • – Harnessing diversity of thought
  • – Tested resilience to internal and external scrutiny

Helping startups to scale-up

  • – Codifying mission purpose, innovation and agility to achieve and sustain scale

Talent Development and Optimisation

Matero consultants are a mix of diverse talent.  Some are ex-military but all project leaders have a depth of professional corporate and consultancy experience.  Matero also runs a career transition programme for armed forces top talent leaders, hiring only those that have successfully completed a 3-month Matero internship, either joining the firm or being outplaced to client organisations.

Mission and Vision

Establishing a leading position for changing the approach to critical decision-making and planning, to solve complex problems and deliver agile execution in a disruptive and uncertain environment where empowerment and innovation are essential.

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Covid-19 – Mission Purposing Organisations Through the Crisis 

Covid-19 is a peacetime issue requiring a military grade type of response to bring structure and order to a chaotic and stressful long-term situation  Stuart Tootal led the first UK battle group into southern Afghanistan in 2006, before spending a decade in several global leadership positions at Barclays.  He has worked with over fifty FTSE250 […]

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Budget 2020 Supports Veteran Hiring

Matero welcomes the Chancellor’s decision to waive National Insurance Contributions for employers who hire veterans. Having just hired Tom Scriven-Baker who left the Army in January, this incentive is an important and positive step in supporting the transition of people leaving the military into meaningful civilian employment. At Matero we recognise the value of their […]

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My Military Internship at Matero by Tom Scriven-Baker

As I approach the end of an 8-year Army career as an Infantry officer, I was aware of a gap in my knowledge of the commercial world, and I was keen to utilise my time in resettlement to close this gap as best I could. During this period, I was fortunate enough to have been […]

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Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency