Mission Purposing Organisations – A Combat to Commercial approach

“Business can be much like war, never more so in times of uncertainty”


Fusing the military expertise in leadership, decision-making and agile execution to drive client change agendas. 


Our methodology enables organisations to act decisively and with precision at all levels, and to pivot faster than the competition.


Read the full article here:  “Mission Purposing Organisations Through Crisis”


Our Services


Matero Consulting

Set up in 2019 to combine the partners’ corporate and consultancy experience with their backgrounds in military leadership decision making, planning and execution.  Enhanced by research with fifty FTSE/Fortune companies and behavioural science input, this unique approach:

  • Builds effective leadership frameworks
  • Empowers teams
  • Drives transition programmes at speed
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces costs



A unique framework methodology of principles, core process and tools used to:

  • Think differently
  • Prevail in disruptive environments
  • Build flatter structures 
  • Move at pace with precision
  • Make order out of chaos
  • Thrive in uncertainty
  • Move faster than the competition

No plan survives first contact with reality of uncertainty

MECCAR suits fast changing tech, regulatory and disruption environments.

It is ideally suited to new ways of working

Services and Differentiators


  • Leadership at all levels is at our core
  • Partners engage in detail end-to-end in any project
  • We have a unique tested adaptive methodology
  • We offer full diagnostic assessment – not templates
  • All consultants have a minimum of 7 years change and leadership experience 
  • We are competitively priced and offer high-value

A more effective change method:

Auditable executive decision-making:

Helping startups scale-up:


To lead a positive change in the approach to leadership, decision-making and help clients deliver agile transition execution.



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Heropreneurs Webinar – ‘Mission Purposing Start-Ups Through and Beyond COVID-19’

Thank you to HEROPRENEURS for hosting an excellent Webinar last week for their start-up community. Stuart Tootal spoke on ‘Mission Purposing Start-Ups Through and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis.’  Using his time commanding the first UK Battlegroup in Afghanistan in 2006 (3 PARA) as a reference, he explains how in situations where pressure and stakes are […]

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Action in Uncertainty

Problem-solving in complex and high-pressure situations is routine business in the Army. The Estimate, a logical and agile decision-making formula, is used to enable effective action in uncertainty. The lack of similar codified processes in the commercial world is surprising; especially in the advent of COVID-19. Having used the process in deciding to leave the […]

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Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency