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Developing leadership autonomy and a culture of accountability by driving an empowerment mindset


A proven framework of tools, skills, and talent to deliver change and new ways of working in an era of constant challenge

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Working with FTSE and mid-cap companies to embed scalable, repeatable and sustainable tools to devolve leadership autonomy, through talent development and placement. Creating a culture of accountability by upskilling leaders in critical thinking decision-making, Agile planning, and empowered execution methods to get things done.

Our Recent Clients include:
Recent clients

“Matero achieved 10x more than a mainstream consultant at significantly less cost.”

Head of Data Product, major FTSE Financial Services Company

“MECCAR made a direct contribution to improved Q1 results.”

Head of Business, British Gas


Matero’s story

The Matero story began in 2019, blending corporate, consultancy and combat backgrounds to deliver a distinctive combination of leadership, skills and talent.

We share a passion for developing bespoke decision making methods to empower people, teams and projects to cut through ambiguity, resolve complex problems and get things done.

We do this using our unique MECCAR complex problem and change methodology with an emphasis on skills development and talent placement.


Based on a framework of empowerment tools and skills which delivers a leadership and culture mindset that:

Mission Purposes teams with unifying intent, so everyone is equipped to be Empowered through effective Communication formats.

Provides Collaborative techniques that cut across silos, and use Agile Decision-making to harness diversity of thought, permission to challenge and generates resilience in changing circumstances, which are underpinned by the Right Behaviours of defined leadership and codified culture.

The benefits of new critical thinking

MECCAR is logical, scalable and punches through the frozen middle, which prevents everything having to be delegated upwards. It empowers leaders with better decision-making abilities, which are transparent and auditable to scrutiny and regulatory review.

MECCAR allows teams to execute with agility, pace and with precision. Increasing productivity and reducing costs, MECCAR also increases the resilience and mental well-being in teams by giving them true empowered mission purpose.

Standing apart – what makes us different

With a unique, proven, method, our partners engage in every project end to end, using a diagnostic exercise to confirm MECCAR’s value fit to an organisation.

Our consultants are all trained and tested leaders, with several years of commercial change experience. We deliver real, cost effective change and leave a lasting legacy of sustainable up-skilling behind.

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Mind the Gap – Opening the doors on life after the military

In this digital age, there is a wealth of advice on how to transition out of the army into a civilian career; the challenge is finding the right path that works for you. Matero’s internship for those leaving the military has provided me with a unique pathway by exposing me to an array of different […]

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How to be a good leader in banks and financial services firms

In this special podcast for LIBFs Centre for Digital Banking & Finance, Stuart Tootal DSO MBE, a founder of Matero Consulting and a former colonel in the British Army, and Jeremy Takle, the founder and CEO of Pennyworth – and a former marine in the Danish armed forces – talk to Ouida Taaffe about how […]

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Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency