A combat to commercial approach to managing change and achieving scale and pace

Fusing corporate and consultancy business acumen with the military pedigree for auditable decision making and planning – to solve complex problems and deliver agile execution in a disruptive environment where empowerment and innovation are essential.

Our Services


Matero is a lean management consultancy, formed by three partners with a depth of shared experience in the consultancy, corporate and military fields, combining to bring fresh thinking, tempo, empowerment and precision to change, innovation and growth.

Developed from extensive research and testing with over fifty FTSE 250 organisations, MECCAR is a proven and adaptive methodology.  Extending beyond Lean and Agile, MECCAR can be taught and embedded in transformation projects, organisations needing to scale and where decision making support is needed to close the execution gap and get things done.

We believe in MECCAR because we have seen it work in an exponentially changing business environment where the dizzying pace of tech change, growing disruption by non-traditional actors and increasing regulatory, media and conduct scrutiny are the same factors that the military have taught their people to deal with, especially when initial plans do not survive contact with the reality of circumstances.


Differentiated change methodology delivering:

  • – Change and transformation
  • – Managed separation
  • – Cost-optimisation
  • – Risk, resilience and control

Support to critical executive decision making

Providing resiliency to the Senior Managers Regime and execution gearing with teams to get things done.

Helping startups to scale-up

Structuring the innovative energy of startups to achieve scale, with pace and agile processes and practices. 

Talent Development and Optimisation

As well as drawing from across the relevant industry sectors, a proportion of our consultants have an armed forces background.  This is supported by an ex-military career transition internship combined with a focus for diversity. Regardless of background, all our consultants benefit from a unique talent outplacement development programme, which actively supports their career progression within Matero and into client organisations.

Mission and Vision

Establishing a leading position for changing the approach to critical decision-making and planning, to solve complex problems and deliver agile execution in a disruptive environment where empowerment and innovation are essential.

Latest News

My Military Internship at Matero by Tom Scriven-Baker

As I approach the end of an 8-year Army career as an Infantry officer, I was aware of a gap in my knowledge of the commercial world, and I was keen to utilise my time in resettlement to close this gap as best I could. During this period, I was fortunate enough to have been […]

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Current engagement highlights

When a major FTSE 100 financial services provider separated into to different legal entities, Matero took a lead position in the operational separation and cost optimisation programme to create a new FTSE 250 wealth management and financial planning business.  This work made a significant contribution to meeting cost reduction targets. When a fast growing Tech […]

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Kirk Mclaughlin Memorial Soldier Artist Award

Kirk Mclaughlin served as a paratrooper in 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) from 2002 to 2014, which included completing operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.  Kirk was a proud and dedicated soldier, but was medically discharged from the regiment he loved as a result of sustaining a serious parachuting injury […]

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Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency