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The essence of an Empowerment Mindset, driving Purpose, Leadership and Culture


A proven combat to commercial decision empowerment method delivering change and news ways of working in an era of continuous crisis

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‘Business can be much like war’

Fredrick Donner – General Motors CEO

Fusing mission empowerment in proven business situations, Matero’s unique MECCAR method of decision tools & skills empowers organisations, increasing precision and productivity, with the pace to pivot and move faster than competitors

Decision-making equals empowerment: people engaged in decisions have purpose

Leadership is about decision-making

Decisions drive that actions and behaviours of culture

Decision Problems – multiple stakeholders, regulations and data overload makes decision-making harder. Many organisations lack effective decision tools, where decisions are overly centralised, subject to cognitive bias, group think, siloed foot-dragging and lack of accountability.

Decision-making criticality -determines whether opportunities are seized or missed and whether risks are properly managed or realised.

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Matero’s story

The Matero story began in 2019, fusing corporate, consultancy and combat backgrounds to create a unique combination of experiences. We share a passion in using uniquely developed mission decision methods to empower people, teams and projects to cut through ambiguity, resolve complex problems and get things done.


Based on a framework of tools and skills which delivers a mindset that:

Mission Purposes teams with unifying intent, so everyone is equipped to be Empowered through effective Communication formats.

Provides Collaborative techniques that cut across silos, and use Agile Decision-making to harness diversity of thought, permission to challenge and generates resilience in changing circumstances. These are underpinned by the Right Behaviours of defined leadership and codified culture.

The benefits of new critical thinking

MECCAR is logical, scalable and punches through the frozen middle, which prevents everything having to be delegated upwards. It results in better decision-making, which is transparent and auditable to scrutiny and regulatory review. MECCAR allows teams to execute with agility, pace and with precision. Increasing productivity and reducing costs, MECCAR also increases the resilience and mental well-being in teams by giving them true empowered mission purpose.

Standing apart – what makes us different

With a unique, proven, method, our partners engage in every project end to end, using a diagnostic exercise to confirm MECCAR’s value fit to an organisation.

Our consultants are all trained and tested leaders, with several years of commercial change experience.

We deliver real change and leave a lasting legacy of sustainable up-skilling behind.

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