Empowering Organisational Purpose with Military Precision

A Proven Combat to Commercial Approach – centred on decision-making at all levels to deliver change and different ways of working.

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‘Business can be much like war, never more so in times of uncertainty’

Fusing military expertise in leadership, delegated decision-making and agile execution with commercial realities to drive transformation agendas

Matero’s unique MECCAR methodology enables companies to pivot with precision faster than the competition

Read – Mission Purposing Organisations Through Covid 19.


Matero’s story

Starting out in 2019, our partners share a passion for harnessing their shared combat, corporate and consultancy backgrounds to leverage military acumen in empowering teams with Mission Purpose to cut through ambiguity, resolve complex problems and get things done in challenging situations.

MECCAR Method – based on a framework of process, tools, and skills

Mission Purposing organisations and projects with unifying intent, so all team members are Empowered through effective Communication formats, Collaborative techniques cutting through silos, and using Agile Decision-making processes; harnessing diversity of thought, permission to challenge and facilitating appropriate pivots when circumstances change. Underpinned by codified leadership to deliver the Right Behaviours and reinforce culture.

The benefits of new critical thinking

MECCAR is iterative and scalable, breaking through the frozen middle and preventing everything being delegated upwards in organisations. Resulting in better decision-making, which is transparent and auditable to scrutiny and regulatory review, MECCAR allows teams to execute with agility, pace and with precision. Increases productivity and reducing costs, it also increases the resilience and mental well-being in teams by giving them true empowered mission purpose.

Standing apart – what makes us unique

With new and different methods, our partners engage in every project end to end, with no work undertaken until a diagnostic exercise has confirmed MECCAR’s purpose fit to an organisation. Our community of consultants are all trained and tested leaders, with several years of both commercial and military change experience, provide high value talent at competitive prices compared to competitors. We not only deliver change but also leave a lasting legacy of sustainable upskilling behind us.

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Matero Consulting – Celebrating Armed Forces Day

On Saturday 26th June, the nation will be celebrating Armed Forces Day.  Like many other events, continued Covid 19 restrictions are likely to make it a more subdued affair compared to previous years.  However, despite the perennial nature of the virus it is no less important this year.  Over the last decade, businesses have increasingly […]

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Ex-Military Women in Business – An Under-leveraged Talent Cohort

Individuals that have served in the armed forces offer a rich stream of talent to employers. Service leavers are purpose driven, empowered leaders and team players.  They are resilient, comfortable with ambiguity, adept at complex problem solving and have strong value sets based on accountability.  Women constitute 11% of personnel serving in the UK’s armed […]

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