My Military Internship at Matero by Tom Scriven-Baker

October 22, 2019 Mark Bishop

As I approach the end of an 8-year Army career as an Infantry officer, I was aware of a gap in my knowledge of the commercial world, and I was keen to utilise my time in resettlement to close this gap as best I could. During this period, I was fortunate enough to have been working at Matero Consulting as part of their transition program. 

Matero Consulting is a start-up management consultancy, which fuses the best practice of the corporate and consultancy worlds with military mission decision making and planning for the benefit of clients initially in the Financial Services sector.  It draws on the founding partners’ combined experience.  With an IT background, Dan McDonough has worked in banking, one of the Big Four consulting firms, as well a number of financial services regulators; he also set up the Deloitte military transition programme.  Stuart Tootal was a colonel in the Parachute Regiment, before spending 10 years at Barclays holding a number of MD global roles, setting up the Barclays AFTER programme and consulting to over 50 FTSE 250 companies on organisational leadership and strategy.  Matero Consulting is also backed by Richard Freeman who set up Intrinsic. The wealth of experience in a comparatively small company is vast.  

I chose Matero Consulting over other military programmes, because I liked what Matero had to offer: training, direct career transition mentorship from Dan McDonough and Stuart Tootal, personal introductions to their extensive network of contacts in the commercial world and meaningful project tasks that utilise and adapt my military skill sets.  I have also been given the opportunity to take on work experience with potential Matero customers.  In the short time I have been working for Matero, I have had the benefit of a personally arranged insight day at Metro bank and the opportunity to work on a 2-week client-facing project for Quilter Cheviot, which has been invaluable for my understanding of the investment management industry and has given me experience of what delivering a consultancy service looks like in reality. In addition to this, I have met a great deal of influential individuals across a broad spectrum of the financial sector and beyond.  

The experience at Matero Consulting has been brilliant and I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone looking to get into this industry.  I have been made to feel like a full member of the Matero Consulting team, who have all been tremendously helpful throughout my time here. The trials and tribulations of working in a start-up environment has been exciting as I’ve managed to take an active role in pitches and business development, exposure that I wouldn’t have necessarily gained at such an early stage in other firms. The learning curve has been huge, but the growth in my knowledge and confidence about the commercial world has been enormous.  I have enjoyed the diversity of other Matero colleagues, whom I work with as a trusted equal.  Matero certainly has a high sense of values and culture that suits someone from the military. The prospects for Matero Consulting are extraordinary and I am very much looking forward to continue to work for them in the New Year. 

Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency