People are at the centre of all we do

Our people (the Team), their quality and how we lead and deploy them is part of what differentiates us and goes beyond the rhetoric.

The Team is driven by our values and Code of Conduct and the belief in doing the right thing for the client based on a framework of exercising leadership at all levels, empowerment, openness and accountability.

Our people join us for the opportunity to apply their talents to resolve complex important challenges and make a difference to the client, while relishing the job satisfaction of working as part of the Matero Team. In turn we get the best out of them by helping our people fulfil their potential, by investing in their training, career development (both within and beyond Matero) and well-being.

Matero celebrates diversity. We are a one team construct that is built on, accountability, action orientation, agility and decency, exercising leadership at all levels with the belief that we should do the right thing for our clients and the communities in which Matero operates.

Our Community

The importance of making a positive impact on the community, includes supporting those people transitioning from the military into new careers, as well as professional management consultants and industry experts looking for a new challenge.

Matero runs a series of work experience placements, internships and a mentoring programme to help individuals transitioning into new careers, which help provide insight into new employment opportunities and impart invaluable initial commercial experience and advice to assist with successful transition, whether they ultimately end up joining the Matero team or working for another organisation. This is supported by the Matero Ex-military Network, where any former member of the Armed Forces, regardless of their civilian career status can connect and draw value from supported mutual association to further their employment prospects both within and outside of Matero.

Charity Support

Matero actively supports a number of organisations in the military charity sector, by using our network and associations to raise funds and contribute skills and time to support worth causes.

Our Values:

Accountability, Action Orientation, Agility and Decency